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03 February 2010 @ 11:02 pm
I'm back...again. Older but just as annoying.  
I'm so terrible fickle with LJ aren't I? I'm so terribly worried that nothing I do or say in interesting enough to be posted here that I end up not posting anything at all, which kind of defeats the purpose of having the damn thing in the first place.

Anyway, looks like I'm here to bitch again - it's the only place I can now, since everyone I know has hunted me down mercilessly on all the other sites I used (aren't I a terrible person).
Having some friend troubles (don't we all...do we? Do you??), I am, for better or worse, a horribly loyal person, a trait that I've discovered the very hard way rather than the cotton padded way. The friend I have known for ever and who always said I was her "best friend" has now decided she has two "best friends". And I don't mind, I really don't, because it's not that I don't want her to be happy and have people she loves around her and all of that, it's just...Well, when I was young I had one of those little books with Disney characters in it, this one had Mini Mouse and was about friendships and teaching kids that just because someone has two best friends or a new friend, doesn't mean their friendship with you was any less. It never really convinced me. And that's exactly what's happened. Someone else has come in to the picture, years after me and has somehow gain what took me twice as long. In fairness their personalities are a lot more similar than mine and hers, they're a lot more girlie...but it kinda stings. For example, today we had no classes in the afternoon, usually every week when this happens our little group hangs out in a classroom and does a bit of work and a bit of catching up since a lot of us don't have class together. Today they decided to go back to one of their houses to watch a movie. They know I can't go home in the afternoons, I live too far away and I have singing lessons after school. And then they started having a conversation with another two friends of mine about how the four of them went to Galactic Circus (games arcade). I'm sorry, but "best friend" doesn't have the same definition for both of us.

So that's my late night depressing bitch session - apologies. In other news, I started year 12 (last year of high school/college) this Monday just been. So far I'm moderately terrified and massively intimidated, I'm not really sure what on earth I am going to do or how I am going to survive. I'm taking English, Literature, Studio Art, Media and Theatre Studies. I think I'm actually stressing about English the most at the moment because I had such an atrocious teacher for the last two years and I felt like I've learnt nothing over the last 24 months, so this year I have a lot of ground to recover so I hope my teacher actually teaches me what I need to know. I'm really excited about literature though because I have the best teacher in the entire world - she makes us morning tea! She's honestly so amazing and I'm thrilled I finally have her as a teacher, I've had her as a sub before and it was the most brilliant class ever. Also lit is one of my favourite classes anyway so it's a double plus.

Oh, also, in the time between this post and the last, I turned 17. Which I'm still getting used to. I've been 17 for a month now but I just don't quite feel it yet, I'll settle into it soon though.

I'll save you the rant about not being allowed to head up to Sydney to see Wicked again because I think you're all over that particular topic, my apologies, but I am a very obsessive person and I fall in love with fictional things far too easily, much easier than I could ever fall in love with something real. What does that say about me?

Well, this is monumentally long, I didn't really intend that, I just needed to kill some time before I went to bed because I wasn't very tired and if I go to bed too early I'm even more tired in the morning than if I go to bed an hour later. My sleep pattern is so enormously messed up that I just try not to question it any more.

Love xxx

P.S. How are you?
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