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29 May 2011 @ 11:06 pm
It's not really goodbye...except it kind of is.  
Tonight I went to a goodbye dinner for my work, as we closed down this week. I honestly can't believe how much I lucked out on my very first job, all the people around that table are awesome, every person I worked with was fantastic.
Obviously it's rocky at first and there were a few people I didn't know how to talk to or was intimidated by, but as time passed I can honestly say that I liked everyone in that workplace, to some degree. We had amazingly great managers, that made us feel so safe. We had crappy customers on occasion, more so once we announced we were closing, but even before that it was made clear - and I believe them 100% - that they will do everything and anything to keep all of us safe. And I honestly do believe that, because I saw it, and because they are all amazing firecrackers that will unsuspectingly rip your head off if you continuously actively threaten or get violent to employees. They are tough as nails and will call security and the cops without hesitation, but were also the loveliest people and very approachable.
We occasionally goofed around a bit, and had a whole lot of fun, because that's what is most important, and listened to crazy, outlandish and borderline unreal stories about mad ass things that, if they were told by anyone else, you might not quite believe. Everyone kept an eye out for each other and had a right good time while doing so. Every person in that place was just awesome, and they made it feel like a little, weird, totally loopy, dysfunctional family, but it was a freaking brilliant family. And I'm going to miss them so much. In a few months time I will be sitting around wondering if one of the managers has had her baby yet, and trying to remember who went overseas and where, and what business one of them may have bought or started running. Every time I buy something at Dangerfield I'll remember all the compliments one of them always gave me on my Dangerfield clothes and wonder if she's gotten around to fishing out some cool items for herself yet. I'm going to want to talk Doctor Who with one of the ladies I worked with, and occasionally I'll wonder what she thought of the latest episode. Whenever I see red boots I'll think about a bunch of the ladies that chatted about buying multiple pairs of boots and how hard it is to find red ones. I'll wonder how everyone is doing in their uni courses and try to figure out of the younger girls have had their final exams yet.
It was only seven months, and for some it was even less, but it was a big, weird, totally batty family, and I will miss them so much, when I remember a story or a conversation or just remember a person in particular, I will look back with so much happiness and awkwardness and I will miss them, I'll miss being able to see and chat to those people so regularly, and nostalgia will only increase those feelings. I will miss it all, but mostly, I will always be so proud I got to work there. Proud that almost subconsciously I ended up working my dream job as my first job. What I'd wanted to do since I was 10, I got to do, and will hopefully get to do again. I am insanely lucky, and isn't it always the way that you don't ever realise that until it's slipping through your fingers. But I am insanely lucky, I realise that and I cherish it, and whatever I end up missing, at least I had it long enough in the first place to be able to miss.
Thank you to all the staff, all the people that made my very first workplace the amazing, weird, hilarious, awkward, enlightening, strengthening, brilliant experience it was.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, I cannot say it enough. I love you and cherish the memories.
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