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19 August 2011 @ 12:51 pm
To Read FF Rec List.  
A list for my own convenience.


A Birthday Question

Children's Fantasy - XxxBubbleGumPrincesxxX

Counting Stars - BlowTheCandlesOut (reading)

Worlds Apart - embrace-the-deception

All Shook Up - blaineywainey

A Touch of the Fingertips - poisonivy231

Jealous of the Moon - musiclover48 (soulmates fic - name on palm)

Teach Me a Lesson - MonochromaticSongbird

When Old Wounds Heal - admiller (reading)

Tell Me What You Really Want - kthxilyxxx

Spring Break '14 - Coiffed-and-Curly


Masterlist of Glee fics - caroline_shea

Masterlist - twivamp92

Favourite. The most perfect of perfect fics.

Defition - villiageidiot

Running on Sunshine - idoltina

My Body Betrays Me - emilianadarling

Before We Get Too Old - shia_labeouf